Infrastructure: Build the foundation to sustain success

Strategic Planning: Create the plan for your success

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Project Pursuits: Win the work you really want

Black Cape Marketing

Branding & Positioning: Tell your unique story to the world

We understand how each step in the marketing cycle can maximize outcomes. We provide the leadership, organization, and tools to successfully navigate the process and build infrastructure to sustain growth.

Black Cape Marketing
  • Strategic planning
  • ROI analysis
  • Marketing budgets
  • Go/no-go decision-making processes
  • Business development programs
  • Proposal analysis and strategy
  • Proposal writing, editing, and quality assurance
  • Interview strategy and coaching
  • Presentation graphics, boards, and slide decks
  • Infrastructure analysis and design
  • Data systems analysis and design
  • Boilerplate analysis, design, and writing
  • Marketing staff analysis, organization, training, and augmentation
  • Branding/logos
  • Brochures
  • Websites
  • Social media
  • News releases